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Doing Different Things


Every organization wants to increase its performance; after all, it is essential to its survival. Organizations invest a lot of time and money in their quest to be better.  But as our research reveals, most organizations simply focus on the things that everyone else is focusing on, and those things don’t make a difference in performance.  The best organizations, however, don’t just do things differently, they do different things. 


 These organizations focus on things that will engage and focus employee’s efforts on what really matters.  They don’t waste time on having employees simply do work because that is what everyone else is doing.  They insure that the activities that employees do are directly linked to the economic and long-term success of the organization by meeting the needs of the organization’s customers.


After over 10 years of research and application, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you discover the different things that will make a real difference in performance in your organization.


Whether you need a little bit of guidance, or desire us to get intricately involved, we can provide the advice and assistance to develop a unique approach that is tailored specifically for your organization.  From working directly with key decision-makers to helping your human resources and organizational development staff, we can help you put the Seven Elements of High Performance™ to work in your organization. 

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We can:

  • Provide half-day, one-day, or two-day sessions with key decision-makers exploring the health of the organization’s culture and performance

  • Review your current training and development programs and provide suggestions on new approaches

  • License the use of our models for use in programs that you develop

  • Provide train-the-trainer programs on our approaches and models

  • Provide you with training materials, including DISC profiles and other tools, to help you teach Whole Person Dynamics™ and other concepts surrounding our models

  • Assistance with administering assessments for individuals, teams, and the organization

Whether you need a little bit or a lot, RDS can help you achieve the results that you want. Don’t delay; contact us about beginning your organization’s journey on the Path of Engaged Performance™.

Read a Letter from the US Navy about the results of their use of our model. 

The Organizational Performance Management System™

A Different approach to Improving Performance

Getting results is what it is all about, and employee engagement is the key to getting there.  The best organizations don’t leave this to chance.

There are many who think that simply measuring employee satisfaction is the same thing, but as was shared in Leadership Lessons from the Medicine Wheel, satisfaction is not the same thing as engagement.


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