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The center for Performance Dynamics™

A New Approach to Executive and Entrepreneur Leadership Development.


The Center for Performance Dynmaics™ is a special division of Resource Development Systems dedicated to the development of executives and entrepreneurs based on the Seven Elements of High Performance™ and its underlying research.  Our approach is to develop exceptional leaders whi can then go back to their organizations and use the tools we provide to create exceptional organizations where people want to stay and do great work. 

Utilizing select components from our already proven programs that we have been conducting in-house for clients, we have developed programing that can now be delivered through public offerings, allowing us to help more organizations at any one time.  This brings the possibility of helping more organizations to rise above mediocrity to become exceptional!





The Executive Leadership Forum


Exceptional Organizations don’t become exceptional by accident.  It takes a lot of hard work and leadership that is dedicated to focusing and motivating those that they lead.  Everyone wants their organization to be exceptional and reap those rewards, but unfortunately, only a few make it happen.  If you are going to help your organization excel then you must master these leadership skills. 


Over 60% of executives are not effective in their roles because  they lack essential leadership skills. 


The Executive Leadership Forum is an exceptional one-year leadership development program that is designed specifically for executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and board members.  It isn’t just a series of workshops; it isn’t just executive coaching; it isn’t just a peer group/roundtable group.  It is all of these and more. 

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