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Our research findings are clear; while training can impact performance, not all training programs impact organizational performance equally.  Especially egregious are the myriad of training programs on the market designed to enhance individual leadership ability, yet these programs have been shown to make no real impact on organizational performance.  There are two primary reasons for this lack of impact:


  1. The programs focus only on developing the individual manager and ignores those that the manager leads and engages, and;

  2. The programs are so scattered in delivery that the culture of any particular workgroup is not changed.  Simply improving the individual is not going to improve organizational performance, especially when they have no support for implementing  new skills and behaviors.

A Different Approach to Training!

This means that we need a different approach if we are going to impact organizational performance.  Our programs are designed with that new approach: the CORE Training Approach™.  Our teambuilding and leadership development programs focus on the Relationships and Engagement skills that are essential for today’s managers if they are going to deliver Engaged Performance™.  Our programs aren’t just theoretical, but provide hands-on application exercises that actually build the relationships that lead to employee engagement and performance.

No matter where you are now, we have the research, knowledge, and expertise to help your organization move beyond mediocrity, beyond being good, and help you reach a level where your organization is the best.  Whether you simply need our advice, or you would like us to implement our research based training program, we can help you achieve your goals. 

The Programs

Team Quest™

This is an Executive/Senior Team teambuilding program designed to insure clarity and agreement on the topmost level team in the organization, be it a local plant, or the corporate headquarters.  The goal of this program is to insure that before moving forward with other organizational performance enhancement program that the Executive/Senior Team is proceeding with One Voice™.

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Leadership Connections: Engaging Performance™

This is a management development process for engaging performance at the team and individual levels of the organization.  It is a long-term and well planned program that is designed to help managers learn how to create the kind of environment where their people can excel.  What makes this program really unique is that managers who are participating in the program have application exercises that they complete between sessions that have them interact with their employees and begin to build the relationships that lead to engagement, which then leads to performance.  Managers also teach employees some of the concept that they are learning, including the DISC model.  DISC gives everyone a common language for discussing and improving behaviors that lead to increased employee engagement and increased individual, team, and organizational performance.  

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Team DISCovery™

This is a teambuilding program for intact work-teams.  This program is designed for those key teams that need additional focus, or for use in very small organizations. The program focuses on increasing clarity and agreement about why the team exists, what they have to achieve, and what each team member has to do so that the team can achieve their desired outcomes.

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The Organizational Performance Management System™


The ultimate Approach for Achieving high Levels of Performance!

This is our premier program for creating a Culture of Engaged Performance™ in your organization.  It is a comprehensive approach that involves everyone in the organization, from the Senior Leader and their team, to managers and employees at all levels.  While it contains some components of the programs to the left, it is far more robust and contains additional components that are not a part of these other programs.  This is a three year program designed to increase your Payroll Efficiency Factor™ and performance in your organization by transforming its culture to a Culture of Engaged Performance™.


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Performance Quest™

Do you have a very small organization; too small for our OPMS
approach?  For those organizations that are 25 employees or less, we offer a different approach. 

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