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Work Engagement Survey™

If we don't know where we are, then how are we going to get where we want to go?


Getting results is what it is all about, and employee engagement is the key to getting there.  The best organizations don’t leave this to chance.  Like all key indicators of performance, the best organizations measure how well they are doing at engaging their employees.   After all, what gets measured gets produced. 

Unfortunately, how we measure employee engagement is not easy.  There are many who think that simply measuring employee satisfaction is the same thing, but as was shared in Leadership Lessons from the Medicine Wheel, satisfaction is not the same thing as engagement.   The research is very clear about this; there are several things that are drivers of employee engagement, and if these things are not being measured then you aren’t measuring employee engagement. 


Our Work Engagement Survey™ (WES) is a process that is totally founded on the research on employee engagement.  At the heart of the WES is the Work Expectations ProfileŽ by Inscape Publishing.  A highly validated instrument on its own, RDS has spent considerable time conducting a crosswalk between this profile and the research-based drivers of employee engagement, as well as the Seven Elements of High Performance™, and those key elements that comprise the Diamond of Engaged Performance™: Trust, Vision, Strengths, and Personal Responsibility. 


This gives us the ability to look at any organization or workgroup and have an idea of how well the employees in that organization or workgroup are engaged, and some of the systemic issues that might be getting in the way of engagement.   


Remember, the goal is not to simply engage employees, but to increase the performance of the organization.  Engagement is simply a byproduct of doing key things well:

  • Building Trust

  • Creating Emotional Connections to the Vision

  • Focusing on Strengths and Accentuating the Positive

  • Developing Personal Responsibility

Employee Engagement - Doing It versus Just Measuring it

What really sets the WES apart is that each employee also gets an individual report that helps them clarify what is important to them, which then sets the stage for individual discussions with their managers about these issues.  Managers learn what matters the most to employees, and then can create action plans with employees to either adjust expectations or to achieve those expectations.  After all, we may measure employee engagement by the organization, division or department, but we create employee engagement one employee at a time.

The workgroup report for each manager also provides a very useful 360 degree feedback tool on how well they are meeting their employees' needs to become engaged.

The program concludes with a sixth half-day session to review progress in about 3 months, resulting in about a 7 to 9 month program.

The Work Engagement Survey™ is a Seven Elements of High Performance™  Program.


The US Navy has adopted our model for use at the Center for Naval Leadership in all of their leadership development programs.

*Plus Travel and Expenses.


Sample Materials used in the Work Engagement Survey™ 


Individual Report

Group Report




Focus: Organizations or any sub-unit or workgroup 

Time Frame: 5 to 6 months; includes a one-day pre-administration training session for all managers and executives; and a one-day post-administration session to review the results and develop action plans.

Price: $12,000 USD base price; price varies on the number of employees, managers and executives, and workgroups involved.*



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