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Teamwork is a Strategic Choice!


Before any organization can become high-performing, it must first have a clear vision of where it is going. In order to create that vision, the organization must have an executive team that is actually functioning as a team and is not mired in unhealthy politics, personal agendas, or confusion. Unfortunately, too many organizations don’t actually have an executive team leading them, but rather a group of executives that are acting on behalf of their own best interest or the best interest of the teams they lead. 

The first step in becoming a high-performing organization is to insure that the people on the executive team are actually functioning as a team. This means that there has to be high levels of trust and personal responsibility on the team before the team can begin crafting the strategy that will create a culture of Trust and Personal Responsibility throughout the entire organization.

The executive team must be able to discuss issues using Straightforward communication, be Open to new ideas, and Accept the rest of their team members for the expertise that each brings to the table. Finally, each member of the team must be Reliable for following through in their own commitments, while also asking that other team members demonstrate that same level of Reliability.

Once the executives of the organization can actually operate as a team, then they will be ready to move forward and craft the Vision; the Aligned Purpose, Values and Goals that will move the organization forward. Once the executive team understands what they must Be, they can then understand what they must Do in order to craft this Vision and achieve results.

It is about intent, not Hope

Too many CEOs hope or “have faith” that the other executives of their team are on board with where they are going and what they want the organization to do. The sad reality is that most executive teams lack the clarity, agreement and commitment to the team’s and organization’s goals to achieve high performance. The best organizations don’t leave this up to chance, because they know that it is extremely important. They intentionally set out to manage Trust, clarity, agreement and commitment on their executive team.

Sometimes it is messy dealing with the “touchy-feely” issues that comes with being human. Yet, effectively managing the human side of businesssm is what really drives performance results. As simple as it is to deal with “the human side,” it does take discipline and Intentional Leadership to decide to deal with it.

Team Quest™ provides you and your executive team with the tools and time to insure that you are performing as an exceptional team, and not just a group. We also help you and your executive team insure that it has clarity and agreement on the results that are needed for organizational success, and the plans that you will need to implement to achieve that success.

Through the use of team and individual assessments, we help you begin to have the discussions that are needed to develop Trust and deliver performance, and at the same time build your executives into a high performing team that can lead your organization to high performance results.

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Team Quest™ is a Seven Elements of High Performance™  Program.


The US Navy has adopted our model for use at the Center for Naval Leadership in all of their leadership development programs.


Sample Materials used in this program 


DISC Leadership Profile

Team Effectiveness Assessment

Team View Report

Team Quest™ Group Dynamics Poster

Group Culture Report

Interaction Comparison Report




Focus: Executive/Senior Team

Time Frame: 9 - 12 months; approximately one meeting per month with a total of 13 days. The program begins with a 2 day off-site retreat.


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