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Team Discovery

Developing effective Teams takes time...


Team DISCovery™ was developed to address the key reasons why most team building programs don’t achieve any real results in the long term, even if they appear to have worked in the short term.

Changing behavior takes time. You cannot expect people to change their behavior and continue with those changes from a 2 or 3 day training experience.

The focus of team building must be on improving results, not just improving relationships.

The starting point for any team must be to be clear about why they exist as a team, what they have to achieve, and what each team member has to do so that the team can achieve the desired outcomes. This basic starting point is often not achieved because of ineffective communication… about why the team exists (their purpose), their goals, and what each team member needs to do to accomplish this.

Team DISCovery™ not only achieves a high level of clarity and agreement about the team’s purpose and goals, it provides insight into the factors that inhibit effective communication about these critical issues.

 The initial focus is on the impact that differences in behavioral style have on communication, decision-making and goal-orientation and building trust.   Through use of Whole Person Dynamics™ and the DISC model, team members gain a better understanding of the impact their behavior is having on other team members, and what needs to be done to increase Trust and improve communication.

Through this understanding team members also gain a better appreciation of the contribution that team members who have a different style from themselves are making to the team. An effective team needs the strengths of different styles, and the team will not function effectively unless all team members are contributing their strengths, and other team members respect and value what they are contributing.

Trust is another key factor in determining a team’s success. Trust provides the foundation for helping the team to achieve its goals. Only by focusing on communicating more openly and directly about the Four Behaviors that Build Trust™ can the team can move forward to becoming more productive. .

Building a high performing Team

We work with intact teams to strengthen the skills that build a high-performance team. Our program involves teams working together in 5 half-day sessions with 2 to 4 weeks between each session. During these sessions teams learn:

  • about Whole Person Dynamics™, their own behavioral style and the styles of others

  • how to communicate more effectively with each other about their preferred work environment

  • about the purpose and goals of the team - their team performance challenge

  • about individual and team strengths how their group culture impacts on their effectiveness at achieving the team performance challenge

  • how to give and receive feedback to each other to increase performance

  • how to accentuate the positive how others react to our behavioral approaches

  • how to build trust with each other how to engage in constructive conflict to achieve commitment

The program concludes with a sixth half-day session to review progress in about 3 months, resulting in about a 7 to 9 month program.

Team DISCovery™ is a Seven Elements of High Performance™  Program.


The US Navy has adopted our model for use at the Center for Naval Leadership in all of their leadership development programs.



Sample Materials used in this program 


DISC Profile

Team View Report

Group Culture Report


Download our Team DISCoverytm one-sheet brochure



Focus: Intact Work Teams or Small Businesses of about 25 or less employees 

Time Frame: 7 to 9 months; usually about one meeting every 3 to 4 weeks, with a total of 5 half-days, with a half-day follow-up about 3 months later.



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