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Leadership Connections: Engaging Performance™

Leadership Connections

Manage the Environment, Not People!


The primary role of managers is to manage the environment! We cannot really manage people… they do either what they want to do, or what they believe they have to do. What we want managers to do is to create an environment where people want to, and can excel… where they can, and do, perform at their best!

So any development program for managers must focus on developing the knowledge and skills needed to manage the work environment. In their efforts to improve productivity, many managers over-control people, and use the fear of negative consequences to obtain compliance or obedience. The result is a highly toxic environment in which talented people refuse to work… they leave. And those who do stay are more focused on staying out of trouble than they are on being productive. The end result is that this kind of manager achieves the exact opposite of what they are intending… lower productivity. And of course they blame it on their people.

Leadership Connections™is specifically designed to help managers learn how to create the kind of environment where their people can excel.

Here is Why our program Works

We utilize the CORE Training Approach™ to insure that what gets learned gets applied, which then impacts performance.

Distributive Learning: Managers are not the only ones that are learning. As part of the process, they take what they have learned in the classroom back to their employees, engaging them in various activities and discussions. Not only do the manager’s of your organization receive learning from the process, but everyone in your organization learns! And the application exercises insure that what gets learned gets put into action, not left on a shelf.

Team Building: As a result of the Distributive Learning approach, managers begin to build Trust with their employees, creating a relationship with them that leads to employee engagement. They also begin to help their employees work together more efficiently and effectively, helping them to understand each other and how they “fit” together. Over the long term of the process we actually are conducting Team Building in a way that no other “team building” training can accomplish. It is real-time and on-going, and results in increased productivity!

Customization: Because of the way Leadership Connections™ has been designed, the implementation is unique in each organization. This means it will work for your organization because it is applied uniquely to your organization.

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Leadership Connections: Engaging Performance™ is a Seven Elements of High Performance™  Program.


The US Navy has adopted our model for use at the Center for Naval Leadership in all of their leadership development programs.



Sample Materials used in this program 


Manager Materials

DISC Leadership Connections Profile  with Supplemental Reports


Employee Materials

DISC Employee Profile

Employee Comparison Report


Team Materials

Team View Report

 DISC Group Culture Report



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Focus: Managers at any level

Time Frame: 9 to 12 months; usually about one meeting per month, with a total of 6 one-day sessions.



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