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Executive Leadership Forum

Executive Leadership Forum

It Takes Exceptional Executive Leadership to Create an Exceptional Organization!


 You have worked hard to get where you are.  You are an expert at finance, operations, sales, marketing, logistics, IT, HR, or whatever your functional area might be.  Unfortunately, research indicates that this is probably not going to be enough for your organization to become or remain exceptional.  It takes a different skillset to provide the leadership that is needed to create exceptional organizations. 


If you do what everyone else is doing, then you will get what everyone else is getting; Most get Mediocrity at best!



This means that there needs to be a different approach to the leadership development of executives — one that uses the most current research on high performance organizations and translates that into application and results!


An Investment in Your Future

By attending an Executive Leadership Forum, you open doors for your future and the future of your organization.    What you are about to experience is like no other executive development program.  Demanding; Challenging; Exhilarating; this program is designed to not only develop you as an executive leader, but also help you develop your organization. 


You can learn more about the Components of the Program Here

Personal Development

The Executive Leadership Forum begins with your personal development.  We help you to learn things about yourself and how those things impact your relationships with others and your ability to get things done through them —- a fundamental of being a leader.  You will learn how to Build Trust, increase communication, and focus on your Strengths and how to use them to achieve your goals. 

As part of the extensive learning process, you will receive a battery of leadership assessments designed to help you learn about yourself and apply your learning to your daily work.  As you learn through a series of workshops, individual activities, group work, application exercises, and individual personalized coaching, you will discover new ways to focus your energy to achieve your goals.

 Organizational Development

While learning about yourself, you will also be learning how to become a better executive leader and focus on those things that matter in your organization’s ability to achieve its goals.  Through application exercises and a major project that will involve those you lead back at your organization, you will apply what you are learning to achieve exceptional results for your organization.

 You Now Become an Exceptional Executive Leader Building an Exceptional Organization!

You can learn more about the Components of the Program Here

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Our Next Program

Our Inaugural Program will be launched in 2015.  Join our Mailing list to stay advised of future developments. 


Executive Leadership Forum is a Seven Elements of High Performance™  Program.


The US Navy has adopted our model for use at the Center for Naval Leadership in all of their leadership development programs.


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Components of the Program

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What you Get:   

 6 days of Training in 4 sessions over the course of 12 months

2 two-day sessions and 2 one-day sessions

Includes 6 lunches and refreshments at breaks

 Workbooks, books and other learning and action resources

 Personal Assessments

Leadership Profile

Leadership Vision Profile

Leadership Effectiveness Assessment

 3 Individual Face-to-Face Coaching Sessions

 7 Monthly Individual Coaching Calls

 e-mail support as needed


Topics Covered In this program


The Exceptional Organization                Culture of Performance

Employee Engagement

Payroll Efficiency Factor

Management Dynamics        

The New Roles of Managers

Creating Emotional Connections

Whole Person Dynamics

Trust Building

Vision - Aligned Purpose & Values

Strengths - Accentuating the Positive

Creating Sustainable Systems

Developing Mastery

Developing Personal Responsibility

Vision - Aligned Goals




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Focus: Executive

Time Frame: 12 months; The program begins with a 2-day Workshop. 



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